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Beth, Lola & Daisy: Lowestoft Family Photographer.

Springtime is a season of renewal, and there's no better way to celebrate the blossoming of nature than with a family photoshoot featuring the newest addition to the family and this beautiful family. Meet Lola, Daisy, and their loving Mum, Beth. I have wanted to photograph this beautiful blossom tree for a while now, the only thing is that it only blossoms for a few weeks of the year. Unfortunately, in the days leading up to our sitting the weather had been quite unsettled and the blossom had been blown off! We didn't mind, the tree still looked amazing!

cute little girl in blossom. sunshine.lowestoft family photographer

I love the sunflare on the left side of this image, it's gorgeous!

As the tree was quite bare we decided to jump in the car and run round to Gunton Woods and see what we could see there.

The Daffodils were still in bloom and looking so beautiful in the March sunshine.

cute toddler girl smiling portrait in the woods daffodils sunshine. lowestoft family photographer

Lola is an amazing big sister... I am lucky enough to be Lola and Daisy's Auntie and they are already getting used to being in front of the camera! Lola was really happy playing in the Daffodils and posed like she has been having her photo taken for years. When it came to sitting Daisy on her lap she held her so tightly and lovingly, giving her kisses and cuddles.

I love how the sunshine bounces off her in the photo above, it is one of my favourites from this session.

Have you ever noticed how kids have this magical ability to light up when they're playing? It's like their superpower! 🌟 Letting them be their playful, goofy selves during a photoshoot not only keeps them happy but also results in the most natural, heartwarming snaps. It's all about capturing those genuine giggles and carefree moments – the essence of childhood, bottled in pixels! If your child doesn't want to sit and look at the camera, that is totally fine.. in fact, I encourage it.

mum baby and toddler portrait woods sunshine beautiful lowestoft family photographer

mum and toddler portrait in a field in the woods. sunshine beautiful lowestoft family photographer

mum and toddler daughter portrait in a field in the woods. beautiful sunshine lowestoft family photographer

mum portrait with toddler daughter in a field in the woods. lowestoft family photographer

I have a couple of signature poses that I like to use in all of my sessions... Now, yes, I try not do a lot of traditional posing but there are some that I like to do. In fact, I wouldn't really call it a pose, it's more of a prompt. I am sure I have talked about prompts before.... If I haven't then I am going to explain. A prompt is where I will ask you to do something other than sitting and smiling at the camera, such as playing together, singing songs, playing pat-a-cake etc. I like to sit my families together and tell them to simply take a moment and be together, forget I am there and sing, play games or tickle fight while I move around them and take photos from different distances.

These are sometimes the favourite shots because people don't always like themselves in photos!

Lowestoft Family Photographer

The wild flowers change so quickly in the Spring, one minute there are Daffodils all over the place then we are looking at Bluebells! I love those sessions, but I took the chance to photograph Beth and Daisy, while Lola was at school, in the giant Dasies and Buttercups this Summer! I have wanted to photograph the Dasies for so long but they aren't in the safest place, in fact, they are on a roundabout on a main road!

It was a gloriously sunny afternoon in June when I met Beth & Daisy for a shoot in the Daisies, we had to dodge a bit of traffic... don't worry, it was a quiet bit of road... I would never put my clients in any kind of danger for the sake of an image.

mum and baby in a field with dasies beautiful sunshine. lowestoft family photographer

mum with a beautiful baby portrait in the dasies sunshine lowestoft family photographer

mum and baby portrait beautiful sunshine daisies lowestoft family photographer

After we played in the Daisies for a while we jumped in the car and headed over to Gunton Woods to see if the Buttercups were out, and boy they didn't disappoint!

mum and baby portrait buttercups woods field beautiful sunshine lowestoft family photographer

mum and baby portrait in buttercups in the woods beautiful sunshine lowestoft family photographer

mum and baby portrait in the buttercup field beautiful sunshine lowestoft family photographer

By the time we got to the woods Daisy was tired and really rather annoyed with Auntie Tash and her stupid camera! But, she did really well and was happy for long enough so I could get some amazing photos.

We are so lucky to have such beautiful locations on our doorstep, I can't wait til we get to go out and play next year!

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