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About Me

Hi, I'm Natasha and I live in the coastal town of Lowestoft in Suffolk with my Fiance Steve and daughters Rhianna and grace. 

I have always had a camera in my hand and was the official photographer of family events. I have worked for Stead & Simpsons, Barclays, Clintons and Warner Leisure Hotels to name a few over the years and have loved the experience and a lot of the people i've met along the way. 

But I wasn't doing something I loved, it was just "a job" I wanted more and that's where Steve comes in. We were looking through some photos I had taken during a windy yet sunny afternoon on the beach with Rhianna and our nieces Emily & Ruby. I stated that I wished that I could do this for a living and he said "Just do it" ... with every excuse I found he said the same thing. "Just do it" 

Image used with kind permission from Sarah at 

Happily Ever After Photography

So, off into the big wide world I went with my first "big camera" which I soon out grew, I upgraded and have never looked back. I can't look at a wooded area or park without wanting to go and explore and scout out locations. I spend a lot of time fantasy shopping and mentally creating a wardrobe full of magical fairy dresses and stylish outfits, mostly with tiny braces for your sons and daughters. 

i love music, reading and binge watching our favourite tv shows! i also love football and am a long suffering norwich city fan...otbc! I love tv shows like silent witness, luther, greys anatomy and i adore the west wing. I am also a huge wrestling fan and i love listening to podcasts. 

i love all of those things, but my passion is photography. not just creating special memories for my clients, but in the simple every day photos that crop up when you least expect them to. 

Some of my favourite images are ones that I didn't plan, ones that just happened. The selfies and the Snapchat photos that I find on my phone are just as treasured as much as any other. 

if you were to visit my house you would find my walls covered with photos, treasured memories that i love to look at every day and photobooks filled with my photos of my family.... and yes, you will find hundreds of snapchat images in there too, weird dog filters and everything! 


these two creatures are our world, they are the reason we get up in the morning, works so hard, breath in and out and are basically my inspiration. you will see a lot of them.... rhianna & Grace. 

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