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frequently asked questions

general questions

What kind of photography do you do?

I specialise in family & children's photography on location in Lowestoft and the surrounding areas. I am also the areas's only photographer that does "In the box" portraits

where are you based?

i live in lowestoft and shoot on location in lowestoft and the surrounding areas including great Yarmouth, gorleston, beccles, oulton broad and pakefield. these are mainly in woodland, parks and on the beaches.  

I also have a studio on regent road in lowestoft where i photograph my "in the box" portraits

do you do weddings?

no. i decided at the beginning of 2021 that i was no longer going to shoot weddings. i thoroughly loved all of the weddings that i had the privilige of catching and look back on those images with love and fondness.  

do you photograph babies?

yes, i love to photograph babies although i am not a traditional newborn photographer. i offer in-home lifestyle sittings that can incorporate a newborn, but as i am not trained in newborn safety and how to safely pose a newborn, i do not offer posed newborn photography. I am happy to refer you to local newborn photographers that i have personal experience with


booking process

how do we book?

the first step is to get in touch with me either by facebook messenger, directly by email or by the contact form through the website. the links are here...

once you have made contact we will discuss your photography needs. what type of sitting you would like? where would you like to have your sitting? what is the end goal?

once we have decided upon a sitting then we will pop a date & time in the diary and decide upon a location. i will then give you payment information for your deposit, this needs to be paid before the sitting is confirmed. 

how do we pay the deposit?

the deposit can be paid by bank transfer, cash in person, paypal or by the preferred method of payment which is via my website. 

the deposit is non-refundable. this means that if you wish to cancel your sitting for any reason other than covid then the deposit is not returned. the deposit amount can be transferred to another date and be used towards another sitting in the future. 

how do we pay the balance? 

the balance of your sitting must either be paid up-front or on the day. i will accept payment after the session as long as it is on the same day. no sneak peeks will be shown until the balance is paid

can we change our minds or book something else once the deposit is paid? 

Yes, even though your deposit is non refundable, you can change your mind about your session as long as it is reasonable to do so. This means that you can change your sitting up to 24 hours before the day without losing your deposit.  

what if we have to cancel

if you have to cancel within 24 hours of your session then you lose your deposit and will have to pay another deposit to rebook if another date has not been scheduled. 

if the session is cancelled due to covid, bad weather or photographer illness or family emergency then the deposit will be returned. 

"in the box"

are the "in the box" sessions available all year round?

yes, the "in the box" sittings are available all year round. they are a session option and i will also offer them as seasonal minis. you aren't able to book a mini session unless it is specifically advertised.

what types of sittings do you do with it?

the box can be used for almost all types of sitting including family portraits and couples. i will soon be introducing cake smash sittings and also do seasonal halloween and christmas sittings.

how big is the box?

the box is 4ft x 4ft and around 3ft deep. it is big enough to comfortably sit two adults and children.

do you photograph babies and toddlers in the box?

yes i do... but.. babies would need to be able to sit unaided as the box is roughly 2feet from the floor. parents are responsible for the safety of the children in the box as i need to be with the camera and will not always be able to supervise. toddlers will also need to be supervised by an parent.

is it an actual physical box?

yes, it is an actual box that you get into. you will be surprised how many times i am asked this!

is it safe?

yes, the box is perfectly safe, it is made of wood and sits on a strong base. it has wheels which are locked and is usually placed up against a wall.

where do you do these sessions?

i have a studio on regent road in lowestoft dedicated to these portrait sittings. 

how are the collages designed? 

i design the collages to create the best story possible with all of the best photos from your session. 

I look for the way the images interact with each other and create beautiful art individually for each family

can we make changes? 

yes, you get one free amendment to each collage, meaning that you can replace 1 image in each finished collage that you receive. After that there is an amendment fee for any further alterations.

how much is the amendment fee? 

the amendment fee is £10 per image, £25 for 3 images per collage.  

what is included in the session? 

everything that is included in the session, and all other sitting information can be found here.....  

watch me bloom


what age range is the watch me bloom package for?

the watch me bloom package is designed to capture your children as they grow over the course of the year. there is no age limit applied to the package but i wouldn't advise it for a child younger than 6 months, or one that can not sit unaided.

does that mean that you don't do babies?

you are welcome to include a baby in your images with an older child, as long as that child can hold the baby under your supervision safely.

can we have more than one child in the package?

yes, you can have up to four siblings in each package. there is an additional fee of £50 per child, per package after four siblings. if you want to include other child family members to make up the numbers that would be very welcome, the £50 additional fee still applies for over four children.

when do we book each session?

the sittings take place in the following time frames:

daffodils: end of march - mid /  late april

bluebells: end of april - end of may

summer beach: any time over the summer

autumn leaves: october - mid november

christmas: selected weekends october - november & early december.

what locations do you use?

i do the sittings in several places around lowestoft & the surrounding areas.

daffodils: gunton woods & sparrows Nest

bluebells: gunton woods, foxburrow woods & sparrows nest

summer beach: lowestoft & pakefield beach

autumn leaves: rotterdam road church yard, sparrows nest, fritton woods, bacton woods

christmas: in my studio in regent road, lowestoft

i will contact you to arrange these as soon as possible. watch me bloom clients have priority booking over the public when it comes to dates and times for mini sessions that are open to everyone. although this may not always be possible.

do we get a refund if we miss a session?

no refunds will be given for a missed session regardless of the reason. although every effort will be made to get your session booked in the season, sometimes the weather or other circumstances may get in the way of having your sitting. should this happen then we will either do the sitting the following year, offer you another sitting type that aren't usually included in these packages ( dasies or rapeseed fields etc ) or do a family "in the box" session. if all of the options have been exhausted then i will consider a partial refund.

can i get more than the 12 images included in the package?

yes, you will receive a full gallery with a lot more images in for you to choose your 12 images. if you would like to upgrade you can purchase the entire gallery for an additional £35. you will get the extra images delivered by digital download once the upgrade has been paid.  

princess in the dress

what is the age range for this type of sitting? 

the princess in the dress sittings are designed for children roughly between the ages of five and ten. the child will need to be able to take the weight of the dress and be able to move freely while wearing it. 

where abouts would this kind of sitting take place? 

the princess in the dress sittings would take place in either gunton woods, fritton woods or any other wooded area. this would also be in a field of wild flowers. 

are the sittings available all year round? 

yes, the princess in the dress sittings are available to book all year round, but i would suggest dry weather rather than a season that could be wet. 

will the dress be damaged? 

unless you have specifically booked a "trash the dress" sitting, every effort will be made by myself to make sure the dress is not ruined. upon booking this type of sitting the client agrees that natasha louise photography is not responsible for the dress beyond posing and that the client is responsible for the dress. client also agrees that the dress may become dirty due to the nature of the sitting type. 

what is included in the sitting?

all of the information for the sitting can be found on the product page. 



paint fight!


where do you do these types of sittings? 

i do the paint fight portrait sittings either on the beach or in a field in gunton woods

what type of paint do you use? is it safe? 

i use scola artmix fluorescent paint. it is a ready mixed water based paint that is used in most schools and educational settings. the paint itself is quite thick and very vibrant as you can see in the images on the page. the paint is wheat and gluten free so in the unlikely event that you were to get any in your mouth, those who are intolerant would not be affected. 

for full product information please look on the website here

what would we wear? 

i would recommend that your family wears the same outfit, or at least the same tshirt/top as each other. the paint fight portraits are designed to show off the paint splashes at the "mess" you are making, i would suggest plain white or black tshirts. 

what is included in the package? 

there are two options for the paint fight packages and the basic package is the same for both options. 

if you would like to see the full package information then please check out the information by hitting the button below

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