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mini sittings

mini sittings are a great way for me to introduce myself to you and for you to get a taste of my work before you invest in a full package. 

mini sittings are limited and are only available when advertised, not as an option that you can book for every type of sitting. please ensure that you have booked and agreed on a date for a mini sitting before paying a deposit. 

my most popular mini sittings by far are the bluebell ones that take place in late April and May every year. i really look forward to these ones as they are usually when i start to shoot again after the winter. 


the mini sittings that are included in the watch me bloom package include



*beach fun

*autumn leaves 


i only offer the bluebells, autumn leaves and christmas sittings to the public as mini sittings. 


£25 non-refundable deposit required to book. 

if you would like more information please hit the contact me button below

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