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"In the box" 

welcome to my "in the box" portraits! 

 i am so excited and totally delighted to be bringing you some awesome "in the box" portraits. 

i have a lot of different sittings planned including: 

*valentine's day *mother's day *easter *father's day *halloween *christmas

*pregnancy *maternity *back to school *leaving school *hen do's

*baby's 1st year *baby's first birthday cake smash *birthdays *families *couples *bff's *dance troupes *gymnastics *Princess & Heros

and so many more!!! 

21 Box.jpg
1 photogabox_21_box_5_big_16_small finished copy.png

as you can see with the images above, these portraits are unique and so much fun. they are perfect for your busy family ( fur babies welcome too! ) and would make an amazing gift for someone special in your family. 

they look like fun don't they! let me tell you more.  

you will come to my studio on Regent road in lowestoft where your sitting will last anywhere up to 45 minutes. the time spent photographing your session will depend on the amount of people involved and whether the children are co-operative! it's ok if they aren't, it can be very daunting, especially if we have never worked together. it may take the kiddos a few minutes to warm up to me so we may do the adult and older children photos first so the younger ones can see what we are doing and get excited about having their photo taken in the box. I will always ask the younger ones if they want to get in first though, because sometimes they are ready! 


and yes, i will be asking all parents and adults to be involved, family portraits are a passion of mine, you don't know how important photos are until they are all you have left! 

cards on the table time, i just love these portraits and i get a touch over excited when i photograph them.. i feed off the energy of my families and i love seeing what crazy poses we can do and what crazy faces we can pull. 

the "in the box" portraits are a very interactive experience and to be truthful, if you aren't in to it, you can tell in the images. You will be prompted to do silly things, asked to pose in a certain way that may seem weird at the time, but it will all come together when you see the end result! 

unless you have booked a themed portrait i will also ask you to bring in some things from home to include in your session. are your kids in a sports team or do they like to read or have any other interests that we can incorporate into your session?? 

1 photogabox_21_box_5_big_16_small copy-Recovered copy.png
1 photogabox_21_box_5_big_16_smallfinal.jpg

each full "in the box" portrait sitting there are two package options

The basic package includes the following 

*Up-to 45 minute sitting in my studio in regent road, lowestoft

* 1 9 box digital image

* 1 13 box digital image

*1 21 box digital image

* 3 individual box digital images

*10 box facebook timeline cover image

*1 20x20 inch (50cm) framed print of your chosen favourite image

*1 12x12 inch (30cm) framed print

*Right to reproduce

*opportunity to purchase additional wall art and prints

a £25 non refundable deposit is required to secure your booking

all this for just £195

The premium package includes the following

*up-to 45 minute sitting in my studio in regent road, lowestoft

*1 9 box digital image

*1 13 box digital image

*1 21 box digital image

*1 24 box digital image

*5 single box digital images

*10 image facebook timeline image

*framed 26x26 inch 21 or 24 box collage image of your choice

*12x12 inch framed print of your favourite collage 

*right to reproduce

*Opportunity to purchase additional wall art and prints 

a £25 non refundable deposit is required to secure your booking

all this for just £255

all images are presented on an online password protected viewing gallery where you have instant access to download to your devices.

the collages that you receive are designed by myself and it is my choice how they are presented.

if you would like to make a change to them that is fine, you get 1 free edit per collage with any further adjustments subject to an amendment fee of £10 per image or £25 for 3 images in one individual collage. 

for more information on the "in the box" portrait sittings you can check out my faq page by hitting the button below, you can also contact me directly too. 

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