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Barney Is One! An "In The Box" Portrait Sitting

Updated: May 6, 2023

Way back at the very end of 2022 I welcomed Chloe & Mike to the studio with Barney to celebrate his 1st birthday. I have known Chloe for a long time, right back to when Grace was younger and I photographed her and Mike before their wedding all those years ago… and that blossom tree shot is still a total go-to favourite of mine!

Chloe came to me a while ago about wanting to do a Birthday “In The Box” Portrait sitting and I jumped at the chance… any excuse to get that young man in my studio & in front of the camera again.. I just can’t believe it took so long!

We decided that we would stick to minimal props and re-use the gorgeous O N E boxes from the beautiful Tiffany.

Barney had the sweetest little outfit that had the word ONE across his back

young boy in the box portrait studio lowestoft family photographer
Barney's 1st Birthday "In The Box" Portrait

Barney was very interested in what I was doing behind the camera, he sat there and watched me try and make him laugh.. and I tried so very hard to make him laugh but he wasn't having it!!

in the box portrait family photographer lowestoft
Barney, Chloe & Mike: 1st Birthday "In The Box" Portrait

There are so many excuses that we come up with when we think about having photos done... So many things we tell ourselves which stop us from getting in the photos. I will always encourage parents to get in when you have a sitting with me. Your babies are only this little once and you will regret not being there in the photos when you look back on them in years to come x

1st Birthday Celebration sittings are available all year round, and you can even make it a cake smash! I would love to chat to you about the options x

Tasha x

Happy Birthday BARNEY!


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