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So, I Have A Studio... The Story So Far!!

I never thought in a million years that I would be writing this, but I have a studio!! Yup, an actual indoor space that is all mine (for 3 years at least!) where I can do my photo-ing!

This is all very exciting, but let's go back a bit and talk about why i never thought a blog about having a studio would ever be written!!

I have always loved photography and for as long as I can remember I have had a camera in my hand. I was always taking photos of Rhianna when she was little but it wasn't until I met Steve 10 years ago that I was given the love, support and ultimately the belief that my love for photography could be anything other than a hobby.

So I set off on this big adventure and it wasn't long before I was taking on paying customers. My love of photographing children drove my early days, and is still my primary focus. I am at my happiest when I am chasing your kids round the woods and capturing those special moments.

I never wanted a studio. I had no intention of ever shooting indoors and for many years I was satisfied in doing just that. I had a few families that I have photographed many times and have created several packages that I have started to make a name with.

One of my most popular sittings is my Bluebell Minis.

I love the Bluebell Minis and they are also a part of my "Watch Me Bloom" Package. I take great pride in my on location sittings and do everything I can to get that perfect shot!

A few years ago I made the decision that I wanted to start doing Christmas Minis. Now, I did this understanding that they will most likely have to be indoors. I looked at my options and decided that I wanted to go to several places and offer them in a few towns. I ended up hiring a room in both the Gorleston & Beccles libraries and Oulton Community Centre. I bought my backdrop and props and invited Kelly & Paige over so I could get a few test shots to advertise! My first year of minis went incredibly well and I was so happy, but still not considering a studio. Then my 2nd year of Christmas Minis went well also, but by now I had a little thought brewing in the back of my mind..... But it had nothing to do with my Christmas portraits.

I found these box images on Facebook and instantly fell in love with them. I knew that it was something that I had to include in my business as I love the different and unusual! I wanted something that would set me apart from any other photographers in the area, give me something that would make me unique.

We found the instructions on how to build it and once we had the materials Steve set about making it for me. My box was 4ftx4ft and about 2ft deep, maybe less! I did a few test shots with Grace but they were nothing compared to my first Christmas sessions.. they were amazing and I was so pleased with the way they turned out. I was really encouraged to go and do more with it, but I still had no thought of a studio, and also no place apart from my dining room to store the box.

I started working with the lovely girls at Twinkle Twinkle Little Party and I was lucky to be able to use their venue as a semi permanent studio. I was able to welcome several families in to experience the "In The Box" Portraits. This started to wet my appetite a little more, I liked the idea of being able to keep the box in one place and have a stable location. Unfortunately this arrangement was short lived and before I knw it I was packing the box away and putting it under my stairs.

When it came to my 2021 Christmas Minis I hired a youth centre in Oulton Broad and was lucky enough that the manager allowed me to store all of my props as well as the box!

I loved having this space but as the weeks went by I knew that I either had to pack it all up at the end and put it under my stairs and in my dining room again, or look for somewhere permanant.

That was it, I can almost pin point the exact moment that I decided that I wanted to try and look for a space of my own. I was packing the sets down after a busy day of Christmas Minis and I knew that if I wanted to keep doing the "In The Box" sittings then I can't keep the box under my stairs or packed away in the dining room, it would need to up all the time and I can't keep throwing money away on room hire.

I started looking for places and voila, I found somewhere that was perfect. I enquired about viewing the office and as soon as I saw it I knew that I would be stupid to turn it down!!

I did some number crunching and decided that all of that nonsense didn't really matter as I have already made my mind up and I was taking it regardless!

Slowly over the course of a couple of weeks we have managed to get the box in and all of my Christmas props and decorations. The best thing about the new studio is that it is in an office building and it has a lovely big lift in it! Steve was really relieved that he didn't have to lift the box up the stairs!

With everything in place I wanted to get some families in to get some advertising images done for my "In The Box" portraits. I put out a model call to the people signed up to my mailing list and I ended up photographing quite a few families in this! A lot of fun was had by all and everyone loved coming in to the studio. I said before that the best thing about the studio is the fact it is in an office space with a nice big lift, it turns out that is just one great thing.... I share the building with a lot of every day businesses such as graphic designers, accountants and property developers. I spend most of my time there at the weekends while the building is empty. We can make as much noise as we like, play and I can make my families as comfortable as possible without the worry of disturbing anyone.

All I have to do is put up my photo frames and get the rest of my shelving up and I am finished!

So, from something that I never thought I wanted, something that was never on my radar, I am creating beautiful images for families all over the area. I am totally obsessed with them and the idea of them consumes my brain day in, day out!! I don't mind admitting that, it's a good obsession!

If you would like to book an "In The Box" Portrait then get in touch today xxx Come and see me in my new studio xx

Until then, love you all..... Tasha xxxx


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