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Louisa Rose & The Princesses In The Park!

I want to introduce you to Louisa Rose.

I first met Louisa Rose & her Mummy Charlotte while we were both attending Slimming World when Louisa Rose & Grace were about 6 months old. Since then we have remained friends, we live close by and the girls go to the same school. Both Louisa rose & her brother Connor Joe have posed for me a few times and are quite regular clients of mine, you may have seen them in my Christmas In The Box advertising last year!!

Charlotte messaged me one day and asked if I could do a photo shoot for Louisa Rose's 6th birthday, and it was going to be a little more special as she will be wearing a new dress! Now, I live for that child and her dresses!! Louisa Rose is a brand ambassador for LaRose Spanishwear

We met at Normanston Park one sunny Sunday afternoon and found a gorgeous spot by the water to start taking photos.

There I was snapping away, Louisa Rose was posing up a storm when we saw something in the corner of our eyes!

Eeeek, can you believe that we were joined by Ariel & Merida! Now, these beautiful princesses weren't just passing, oh no!! Ariel & Merida were invited to join Louisa Rose for her special birthday photo shoot in the park. Ariel travelled all the way from the kingdom of merfolk, Atlantica & Merida from the mystical Scottish kingdom of DunBroch to spend the afternoon in sunny Lowestoft!

"I want to be where the people are, I want to see want to see 'em dancin'. Walkin' around on those (Whad'ya call 'em?) oh - feet. Flippin' your fins you don't get too far, Legs are required for jumpin', dancin' Strollin' along down a (What's that word again?) street. Up where they walk, Up where they run Up where they stay all day in the sun, Wanderin' free, Wish I could be, Part of that world."

Ariel asked what Louisa Rose likes to do and when she answered that she likes to sing Ariel serenaded her with a gorgeous rendition of "Part Of That World".

"Meeting Louisa Rose was a mermaids dream. She looked absolutely stunning in her pink princess grown - just like mine when I had my first dinner with my Eric, though I have to say she has the better land legs for it than me. I had a magical afternoon out of the ocean spent being photographed with Louisa Rose and I’m truly grateful that she invited me to join her."......... Ariel

We talked about everything from what it was like being off school and the fun she was having at home, to the beautiful dress that she was wearing, which she actually designed herself!! With the help of the team at LaRose Spanishwear, Charlotte and Louisa Rose created the beautiful dress that you can see in the images. These are a few words from LaRose Spanishwear about a previous dress that they have made for her.

"We have a very valued customer at LaRose Spanishwear called Charlotte. Not only is she a valued customer, but has gone onto build a relationship with us at LaRose Spanishwear and is now one of our coveted Brand Representatives. Charlotte approached us at LaRose Spanishwear earlier this year with a very specific request. She wanted her beautiful young daughter, Lousia Rose, to have a magical dress created with an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme. Charlotte worked hand in hand with our lead designers to finalise the specifics of this bespoke unique dress. This included details of the look, feel, style, and closely working on materials and colour, with additional personal touches where needed. Once the design was confirmed, the LaRose Spanishwear technical team were instigated to turn this design into a real life living creation. "

Ariel & Merida loved being in the park with Louisa Rose & her family. Louisa Rose's brother Connor Joe & cousin Caden also had a few photos with the princesses. Caden wanted to crawl away all the time but Connor Joe was eager to show Merida his Archery skills.

"Myself and Ariel had such a great time meeting Louisa rose for her special birthday photo shoot and seeing her look so beautiful in her handmade dress. It was the perfect location to have some wonderful photos taken with such a lovely family but also the best place for tree climbing and archery practice, although Ariel had to make sure I didn't get too muddy for the afternoon shots in the woods. It was an honour to be a part of it"

You will have noticed Louisa Rose's nose tube, which had amazing mermaid tape by the way!! Louisa Rose has a condition called Pierre Robin sequence: unless you know what to look out for as she just looks like she has petite pixie like facial features, unfortunately her jaw and tongue falls while she sleeps significantly causing a lot of breathing issues. She has had multiple surgeries due to this. Some with PRS are born with cleft palate, and some can have high arched palette like Louisa Rose has, other areas include ears and teeth, so she has to have her ears checked & regularly keep an close eye on things. She also uses ear defenders due to being very sensitive to noises, especially when she get ear infection (she gets them a lot)

Unfortunately she will need a lot of dental work especially when adult teeth start to comes in, she already has to over crowding of her tiny baby teeth due to her jaw just being far to small to house them and high arched palette causing narrowing. Louisa Rose also struggles with her eating, she can choke on food and drink (aspirating), also she find harder foods more difficult tends to avoid eating food and can only manage small amounts before causing her horrendous belly aches. She is also classed as poor growth, she could possibly have absorption issues/delayed stomach emptying what means she isn't getting the right amount of nutrition her body needs to function. Louisa Rose is on a lot of different medications because of multiple different deficiencies, most severe being her chronic iron deficiency anaemia.This is because of how low her levels are it has caused a ripple effect in her body, causing her to become "quite poorly", but to look at her/see her you wouldn't know, as she will always give you a smile even on her bad days!, "Roo" sees a lot of different specialists at 4 different hospitals, 2 local, Addenbrooks and Great Ormond Street hospital, plus her community nurse team, it very hectic and full on but Roo is a bit of a feral wild child that just lights up the room when she walks in!

We went stomping around the woodland and found a gorgeous spot to take some amazing portraits of the three princesses together, and I actually think this is one of my favourites!

Will you look at the details on this dress!!

I was thrilled to be asked to photograph Louisa Rose in this beautiful dress and as always, she was a total star. The addition of Ariel & Merida made a special day even more memorable.

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