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A Beautiful Family In The Daffodils: Lowestoft Family Photographer

Springtime is my favourite time of the year. After the cold and sometimes miserable Winter months, the Spring always gives me something to look forward to. The snowdrops are the first sign that Spring is on it's way and I start getting excited about getting out and photographing in the flowers again.

I was scrolling Facebook last year and I came across a few photos that made me stop in my tracks.. I found some photos of a woodland with an amazing amount of Daffodils and I just knew that I had to shoot there.

I found out that the woodland was in Worlingham and that it wasn't open to the public. It is private land and has to be booked. I contacted the people that looked after the woodland and provisionally booked it for this year. I went for a visit to check it out and was so impressed with the size of the space and was certain it would make an amazing location.

I started advertising and quickly had a lot of interest and I was so happy with the response.

But guess what! As a family photographer in Lowestoft you have to expect weather problems, and as it was March in The UK & the weather happened! Unfortunately I had to reschedule or cancel all but 1 of my families for Worlingham this year.

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Lauren, Tom & Olive in the woodland.

beautiful family with little girl in daffodil woods in lowestoft

It was lovely to meet Lauren as we had spoken so many times in the build up to the sitting. It's so nice to hear that families are excited to have their photos taken, it helps when it comes to planning a sitting.

As we walked to the main area where the Daffodils were we chatted and got to know each other a little. I didn't realise how far into the woodland the Daffodils were so there was a lot of chatting going on!

The woodland is used by a few local schools and groups that homeschool. They have a whole area at the back of the woods that is set up with a kitchen area, a whole big messy play section that we took advantage of. Olive played for ages while I snapped a few photos. I wanted to use this time to give her the chance to get used to having me around. Olive made her Mummy & Daddy cups of tea even though she couldn't find the sugar anywhere!

When I meet a family for the first time I always ask if the children are used to having their photo taken. The answer is usually yes, our phones are full of photos of our little ones, I know mine is! But are they just having their photo taken with a phone? Having a camera in their face with a stranger calling their name can be very daunting, especially when we have a small amount of time together.

beautiful family in daffodil woodland lowestoft family photographer

After we had finished playing in the kitchen area we headed down to the main part of the Daffodils. There was this huge fallen tree and I think I may have done a little happy dance! It was so big and looked like it had a bench built into it.

I asked Lauren & Tom to sit with Olive on the tree and just play, interact and basically ignore me while I mooch about and take some shots. I kept my distance while they sang songs, played games and Olive started jumping off the tree! I must admit, I spent some time just watching them be together and I forgot what I was supposed to be doing!

family posing for a portrait in daffodil woodland in lowestoft

Even though my style is very relaxed and somewhat voyeuristic, I will make sure that we have some traditional style images of you together. I like to call these "Nanny Pleasers!" They are the ones that you can print for Nanny and she will display it proudly on her wall for years x

After sitting on the tree for a while we found a lovely big patch of Daffodils to sit by and managed to get a few portraits of Olive on her own. With a little encouragement from Mummy & Daddy she gave me some beautiful smiles and a lot of laughs.

beautiful little girl sat in daffodils in woodland in lowestoft

Some of my favourite photos are ones with the subject not looking at the camera. Looking to the side, off into the distance or with no face in the photo at all, they are some of the best ones I have taken. Lauren & Tom were making Olive laugh and she couldn't take her eyes off them. This image doesn't do the Daffodil Woods any justice, there really was "Daffs For Days"!!

After sitting for a while it was time to get Olive up and running around again. I love to lay on the floor and have my families either walk or run towards me... It can take a few times to get it right so I may have you goin backwards and forwards a lot!

family playing in the daffodil woods in lowestoft

(Disclaimer: Although I do suggest swinging as an activity, but the decision to do so is always the parent's)

I just love how happy they look in this photo, even though you can't actually see Olive's face you can hear her squeal!

I was truly blown away with this beautiful location and I can not wait to get back in there next year. I would love to let you know when they go on sale. The best way to hear about them is to be on my mailing list. If you would like me to add you to the list drop me an email by hitting the link below with the title MAILING LIST.


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