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Laura & Carl's Wedding

Laura & Carl

In August of 2016 I had the honour of photographing my gorgeous cousin Laura's wedding to her long time partner Carl.

We travelled to Leicester and got a room in the hotel where the reception was being held and managed to stay there the night before as well. Steve dropped me off at my Aunt's house where the preparations were in full swing.

The house was full of decorations; balloons, banners and my favourite, personalised gowns for everyone with their names on front and roles on the back!

As each of the bridesmaids were ready i took them outside for an individual portrait then gathered them together for a group shot

The time had arrived when Laura would finally get into her dress on her wedding day... actually, it wasn't as easy as that.. it was quite a laugh!

Will you just look at their faces... look at them

These are my favourite types of photo to capture, moments that will be remembered forever.

The wedding was at St Mary's church in Humberstone, Leicester. It's a beautiful old church and we were lucky enough to have beautiful weather, even though it rained in the morning. I grabbed a quick shot of the bridal party before we headed in.

Carl was as calm as a cucumber, i think! I was really nervous as i wanted to do a great job for all of my clients, but as this was my family i felt the pressure even more. We all piled in this gorgeous church and waited for the bridal party to make their entrance, i even managed to get this...

The ceremony was lovely and we managed to get some really great shots in the grounds of the church afterwards. This is a fav of mine that took me forever to do

Will you just look at Olivia on the far right, i thought she was going to take off!

We headed back to the reception and enjoyed a rather yummy 3 course dinner which was followed by the speeches. This is possibly my favourite image from the day. Laura's Mum & dad presented her with a gift, the tickets to her & Carl's dream honeymoon in... Mexico!

Drinking, dancing and a bit more drinking followed.

Thank you Laura & Carl for asking me to be a part of your day, i had a blast x

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