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This May Be A Favourite Of Mine!!

I am very lucky to have a group of families that are very loyal!! They recommend me to everyone they know, come back to me year after year to capture their family growing and are my biggest advoactes! I have had new families come to me that have been sent by these amazing people, and for that love I will be forever thankful. I don't take any of them for granted and I make a point of letting them know whenever I can!

David was recommended to me by Bonnie & Sian-Leigh. I have been photographing these lovely ladies and their gorgeous families for a few years now and I am so happy to see that their homes are covered in my portraits! They met at Pakefield Holiday Park where David works as a performer and was interested in having an "In The Box" Portrait sitting done.

We arranged a date for David to visit me in the studio and I encouraged him to bring along some props. I always ask my families to do this, I love to personalise your sittings with special things like teddy bears, toys and hobbies. As David is a Caberet Artist I thought it would be great if he brought in a microphone, a mic stand and any other little things that could show his personality. I wasn't disappointed in what he brought!

This was also the first time that I photographed someone on their own in the box. I have always had families, groups of people that could interact with each other. I always approach each "In The Box" Portrait sitting with fresh eyes as I want them to be individual to each family. I spend a lot of time researching new poses and trawling through the interwebs looking for inspiration. Yes, I do have a set of poses and gestures that I like to capture in each sitting but I also like to be influenced by what comes naturally during the shoot.... Are the kids playing a game, pulling faces at Mum or Dad and how we can incorporate that into something interesting. With this in mind, I was a touch worried when it came to this session. Not that we wouldn't get enough images, but there wouldn't be enough interaction and that the images would look very samey..... well, boy was I wrong!

I always start the sitting with getting into the box myself and going over a few little pointers! Explaining that the box is stable even though it on wheels, where to put your hands when I ask you to "peep around the corners" and I will explain that you need to look into the camera rather than at me when I'm shooting!

After the first few minutes of shooting I stopped giving direction and David came into his own.. His imagination ran wild and the performer in him flourished. I can maybe take 10% maximum of the credit for these images. You could see his brain ticking over and pose after pose after amazing pose just flowing from him. I threw the occasional suggestion to try and help and when I did he took it and made it 130% better! I laughed a lot, almost to the point of knocking my tripod over a few times! I took way too many photos, in fact the individual images took me 4 days to edit.. that's before I started on any of the collages!

Looking at these portraits it is hard to believe that there is just one person in them! They are so busy, just how I like it!

Each "In The Box" Portrait sitting comes with multiple images as standard but there is something that you can add on as an extra.

This 40 image portrait can be added to your package for an additional cost and you will receive the framed portrait and the digital image

As i said before, it took me 4 days to edit the individual images for these portraits. The 40 box image took me 2 and a half hours to edit! I wanted to show the work that goes into designing and creating these images for you so i thought that the best way to do that is to record an edit! The video is just over 2 minutes long and is well worth the watch.

"In The Box" Portraits are available to book for any occasion in my studio in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

Portrait sittings start from just £195 including framed portraits and digital images.

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