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The Importance Of Having Your Photos Taken

If there’s one thing for certain in life, it’s that your to-do list is never ending. From minor things — like doing the laundry, mailing that package, and getting to that doctor’s appointment — to major commitments like planning a birthday party or heading out of town for a wedding, it can all be pretty exhausting.

Amid it all, though, we argue that it’s important to take some time once every year or so for yourself, and for your loved ones, to have your pictures taken. I must admit I'm pretty partial to this notion, but here are seven reasons why I think it’s a good idea. Let me know if you agree!

1) Things Change Really Quickly

Your baby can change dramatically in a matter of months, and this rings true as your kids get older, as well. Adults grow and change just the same. When you see someone every day, you don't notice the change but looking back over the course of a few months your children can change an awful lot.

2) It Presses Pause on a Period of Time

You know how when you smell a perfume or a certain food it brings you back to a moment in time? Looking at a picture does the same thing. Not just in terms of the moment itself, but in terms of that period of your life. I have photos on my wall that i look at and am immediately transported to the split second that it was taken.

3) You’ll Love Looking Back on the Images Later

Having images that document you and your family over time is unspeakably meaningful. You, your kids, your kids’ kids, and so forth will love being able to look back at these snapshots from throughout your life. I always talk about what my family photos mean to me.. can you imagine sitting on the sofa with your grand children looking through your photo albums and telling them all about it? Even if you have to explain why you all have dog ears or a bunny nose.. Good old Snapchat!

4) Professional Photos Are of a Certain Quality

Candid images you taken on your phone are super important (seriously — snap away and don’t stop!), but there’s nothing that compares to the high quality of professional images. Some of my favourite photos are ones that have been taken on one of our phones, I print them into my photobooks and cherish them as much as the large prints I have on my walls

5) You’ll Always Have a Fun Holiday Card to Send

Cheesy as it may sound, having a fun image of your crew to slap on a Christmas, Easter, or birthday card is always nice. And you know what, loved ones enjoy seeing your face in the mail! On that note, photos also make great gifts year round.

6) It’s a Reason to Get Together

We alluded to all the chaos in our worlds above, but we’ll reiterate the point. Stopping everything to get together for a couple hours — looking your best and chilling in a cool location — is a great way to spend an afternoon and forget about all the other stresses and worries in your life.

And finally....

7) The Actual Experience Can Be Super Meaningful

We talk a lot about looking at the images and enjoying them after the fact, but the actual session is meaningful, as well. It can be a true bonding experience for couples, small families, and large groups. Some even make the commitment to do images once year just for that reason.

I could go on and on for another few pages, but i think i will leave it there!!

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