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Family Fun In The Woods

Charlotte contacted me a few months ago about her father's upcoming 70th birthday. She wanted to celebrate by getting the whole family together for some family portraits. Yes, yes, yes, I am all for that.. I love getting everyone together to create memories!

Penny, Richard, Charlotte, Mike, Harry, Toby, Emma, Michael and Tanith met me at Gunton Woods one Saturday in April and I could tell from the get-go that it was going to be a great session!

We made our way to the back of the woods where I was hoping the daffodils would still be in bloom, but alas we were a little late as most of them had already died. That didn't stop us from finding a tree stump and jumping off as high as we could!

Before we knew it we were running around, playing tag and at one point Grandad Richard was charging about with Emma on his back!

I laid down on the floor and each of the children took turns running towards me then jumping like a starfish! I love the movement, excitement and fun that radiated from this gorgeous family x

Michael and Tanith are getting married and we took the opportunity to grab some couple shots with them! It's important to be comfortable infront of the camera and not worry about what is happening.... Your images will be more natural if you relax and just go with the flow. I like to ask my couples to do something silly, sing a song or talk in a funny accent to each other while I walk away and take their photo from a distance. The result is always beautiful!


I took Charlotte and Mike away for a few quite moment to get some portraits of them on their own. We chatted about the kids their plans for the rest of the day. I was rather jealous that they were going for a family lunch afterwards then spending the next day at Pleasurewood Hills.


I am so happy that we managed to grab a few images in the Bluebells! Some of you may already know that every year I do Bluebell Mini sessions in various locations, one of which is Gunton Woods. I wasn't sure if they would be out just yet as sometimes they can just sprout up at any moment! There was a lovely carpet of them and we found a lovely spot to grab some at the end.





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