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Bluebells, Bluebells, Bluebells!!!

It's April, and you know that can only mean one thing! My mind is turning to the Bluebell Minis! The Bluebell Minis are one of my favourite sittings of the year, and yes, I do say that every time I sit at my computer to write a blog!

The Bluebell portraits hold a special place in my heart as they were one of the first "special seasonal" minis that I offered and they always produce such amazing images. The colours are bright, beautiful and totally gorgeous.

Did you know that Bluebells are actually a protected species? Yes, we have to be very careful when photographing with them, that we don't kill them off. I don't know if it is something that you can see in my images, but they all tend to look the same... I will find a spot that has been trampled on, or walked on and use that. We won't sit on fresh ones and I always try not to disturb any. We will use everything in the natural environment such as logs and natural walkways to make the images look like you are surrounded by them, I may also throw some "Photoshop Magic" in there too!

I always try and photograph in as many different locations as possible which is why this year I am offering 3 different sites, but only 1 day at each!

Saturday May 14th at Gunton Woods, Sunday May 15th at Sparrows Nest and Saturday May 21st at The Bluebell Woods in Gorleston. I also have a day set aside for if the weather is bad and we need to reschedule x

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