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Bluebells 2019

Spring is my absolute favourite season to photograph... Well, that and Autumn as they are both so beautiful. Spring brings new life and so much colour to everything around you after a Winter that seems to last forever!

My 2018 Bluebell Minis were very successful and I was really looking forward to doing them again in 2019. I started advertising them pretty early as I wanted to get the families booked in with sittings secured before the Bluebells made their appearance.

The Bluebell Mini is also a part of the Watch Me Bloom Package and I was very excited to welcome all of those families for their sittings.

After a few false starts and what seemed 34 rainy Saturdays, we finally got the 2019 Bluebell Mini Sittings underway!!


Rose And Jemma In Sparrows Nest

Louise & Georgia In Sparrows Nest

8 Siblings... No Problem!!

Kim's Beautiful Family

Freddie & Maisie In Gunton Woods

Brandon & Oliver In The Woods For Their Watch Me Bloom Package

The Beautiful Mia

Lilly, Her Cousins & Auntie

My Little Model Phoebe

So, as you can see, I had the best time with my families and the Bluebells this year!! I already can't wait for 2020!!

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