Christmas photos at the nursery

Natasha Louise photography is coming to the YMCA nursery on

Wednesday 6th November 2019 and the ark on thursday 7th november

We will be taking photos of your children in front of a Christmas background which you will be able to purchase to help raise funds for the nursery!

i need to reiterate that the "in the box" sittings are not what you will get on the day... the leaflet was attached to the letter to advertise what other sittings are available for you to book privately with Natasha Louise photography. 

The packages include both digital images and prints, you will have the choice of just digital images or digital images and prints as outlined below. 

 You will have your own password protected online gallery to view your images within 7 days of the sitting.

All of the orders will be placed directly with Natasha Louise photography and the prints will be delivered within 7 days of the order being placed and paid for.

The prints will be delivered by the nursery.

this is the backdrop that will be used. I will also be using a variety of props to provide you with a selection of images to choose from!! 


package options

*Digital Download Only Package: 10 edited images                           £35

*Download Package of 10 images + each image printed 7x5                                     £50

*Download Package of 10 images  + each image printed 7x5 + 2 printed 10x8                   £60

*Download Package of 10 images  + each image printed 10x8                                  £75

2 (2).jpg

please return the permission slip to the nursery as soon as you can, please note that i will not be able to photograph your child without your permission. 

if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me

natasha x