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bluebell minis 2023

i am so excited to announce that my bluebell minis for 2023 are now on sale!

they will be taking place in the bluebell woods in gorleston on saturday 20th & saturday 27th may 2023.  

Child & Family Bluebell Portraits
Child & Family Bluebell Portarits

join me for family mini portraits on either saturday 20th may or saturday 27th may 2023

the sittings include: 

*20 minute mini portrait sitting

*10 images delivered by digital download

*2 multi image collages


£25 non refundable deposit required to book, the deposit is due on the day of your sitting

Toddler Bluebell Portarit

please note: 

the bluebells are only in bloom for a maximum of 6 weeks a year. i have chosen 2 dates when i think they will be at their maximum bloom and availability... however, this all depends on the weather! if we don't have much more rain over the next few weeks we may have a later bloom, or they may bloom earlier. if this is the case i will change the dates to the 13th & 20th may instead. 

i will keep you updated on my facebook page and instagram. 

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